Cs 1.6 master server fix

Fix can’t connect to the master server on cs 1.6 and get a list full of servers to play online with players now !

Masterserver is a server which tells clients (that’s YOU) what are the IP addresses of cs servers . What you need to do is change the default MasterServer IP address to GS2US MasterServer IP address. To do that follow the instructions.

Install instructions

  1. download MasterServers.vdf 
  2. Copy MasterServers.vdf to config\ directory
    Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\platform\config ( for steam , Steam folder )
    cs 1.6 folder \platform\config ( for non steam , cs 1.6 folder )
  3. if the problem is not solved , download master server full package
  4. extract the package in cs 1.6 folder
    Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life ( for steam )
    cs 1.6 folder for non steam ( example : C:\Games\Counter-Strike 1.6\ )
  5. Have Fun !

Remember to make the file READ-ONLY!

Making the VDF read-only prevents your game or Steam from overwriting it in some cases.

Updating MasterServer.vdf for any cs 1.6 client should work. All HL game mods use the same kind of server query mechanism.

Steam server browser also works with GS2US Masterserver. After patching Steam’s Masterserver .